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8 Week Program For Building A Scalable Sales Process

60-Minute In-Depth Strategy

Kickstart your growth with a comprehensive 60-minute strategy session. Here, we'll dive into your revenue streams, identifying bottlenecks and areas ripe for improvement. This session is more than just analysis—it's a springboard to your sales growth, offering detailed, actionable strategies.

Crafting Your Sales Arsenal

Over eight weekly sessions, we'll work closely with you to develop personalized sales assets. This involves tailoring your product offerings and sales approach, laying a robust foundation before expanding your team. It's about creating tools that speak your brand’s language and resonate with your target market.

Building Effective Sales Frameworks

We focus on establishing a seamless sales process, incorporating both outbound and inbound strategies. This includes developing scripts and frameworks that align with your business ethos, ensuring your sales messaging is both compelling and effective. 

Success and Growth

To gauge and enhance your sales performance, we'll implement a set of metrics and analytics. This enables you to measure monthly performance, track improvements, and make data-driven decisions. Understanding these metrics is key to refining your sales strategy continuously.

Optimizing Customer Engagement

We emphasize best practices in lead management and successful qualification, ensuring you efficiently nurture and convert leads. This part of the program is crucial for understanding customer engagement and maximizing opportunities for conversions.

Streamlining Sales Operations

Our final focus is on integrating automation and optimizing your revenue operations. Whether it's through refining processes or onboarding new sales representatives, we provide the guidance needed to streamline your operations, making your sales efforts more efficient and effective.


Will it work for me?

If you're a professional service based business that relies on face to face or phone calls to sell what you do and you're annual revenue is above $500,000 then yes!

What is the Foundations program?

Most entrepreneurs are great at what they do, but don’t know how to package what they do. Foundations is a 8 week program designed to get your product and sales process ready for you to grow

I already have a product nailed and its selling, why should I do foundations?

There is a BIG difference between you talking about your product and a sales person doing it. They’ll never be able to do it better than you, but with the right help they can do it more often than you! Most times, your service is simple, because it's yours but when you try and train someone else to do it they can’t. Foundations is designed to show you how to create simple but effective product and sales that you can get others to look after do you don’t have time, freeing you up to focus on what matters

Do you Create my service for me?

No, we help you show your service to your customers in a way that speeds up sales. We distill your genesis into a simple framework that makes sense for people to sell for you. 

Do you create our sales process?

Yes! Once we understand your product and who it's for, we can then create a personalised sales process designed to increase the flow of your sales.

Do you help set KPI’s

Of course, you need to have the basics put in if you want to know how to scale. 


What Our Customers Say

Some amazing people we've been able to work with

"I was initially sceptical about Inflow's sales solutions, as my business had been successful in the past without any outside help. But after working with them, I wish I had found out about their sales solutions, advice, and guidance earlier. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and provided me with invaluable insights into how I could improve my sales process. They helped me identify gaps in my strategy and provided me with practical solutions that have made a significant difference in my revenue results. I would highly recommend Inflow to any business owner looking to improve their sales process and grow their revenue."

Serge Mobius - Founder

"As a business coach, I have struggled to scale sales for my business for years I've always fallen into the trap of no one can sell it as well as I. But since working with Inflow and implementing their Catapult sales system, I have seen a complete turnaround in my revenue results. The system fully encapsulates the nuances of selling coaching, making it unbelievably easy to close deals and increase my revenue. I couldn't be happier with the results and would highly recommend Inflow to any coach struggling to scale sales."

Dee Camper - 121 Coaching - Founder

"I was blown away by how cost-effective and scalable Inflow's outsourced sales solution is. As a business coach, I needed a solution that could help me scale my business without breaking the bank. Inflow delivered exactly what I needed, and their sales team has been a game-changer for my business. I now have more time to focus on coaching and building relationships with my clients, while Inflow takes care of the sales side of things. I would recommend Inflow to any coach looking to scale their business."

Raymond Cheng - High-Performance Coach - Principle Coach

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